Mahesh Babu opens up about Sitara's acting career

Mahesh Babu and his doting daughter Sitara share a very close bonding. Mahesh often says Sitara is her partner in crime, while his son Gautam is always very composed and thing in a mature manner.

In his latest interaction with media, Mahesh opened up about the acting careers of Sitara.

"Sitara says she wants to act in English films. She has even dubbed for a character in the Telugu version of the Hollywood film, Frozen. She is inclined towards Hollywood films. I'd like to leave the choice about the careers of my kids to themselves. They can choose whatever they want to be," Mahesh said.

Adding further, Mahesh said he'd be really tensed if he has to act alongside his daughter Sitara.

Speaking about web content, Mahesh says he really enjoys watching web series' but has never contemplated the idea of acting in one to date.
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