Indian Singer behind New Zealand series cancellation: Pakistan

The New Zealand Cricket board had surprised the Pakistan Board by canceling the tour just hours ahead of the start of the series. The black caps board had termed possible security threat as the reason behind taking the sudden decision. The former Pakistan players have slammed the New Zealand board over the decision.

The Minister of Information and Broadcast of Pakistan Fawad Chaudhry called for a press conference on New Zealand canceling the series. He alleged that the threat was posed through a fake account.

The Minister alleged that the threat came from the fake account of 'Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan' and alleged that one Om Prakash Mishra was behind this threat and he hails from India. The person mentioned by the Minister is a singer who shot to fame with the song 'Bol Na Aunty' that had raised a lot of concerns among the feminists and feminist organisations.

Soon after the press conference, the netizens in India didn't waste any time in bringing their creativity to react to news of the singer canceling the tour. The Pakistan Minister's comments led to a flood of memes.

The hashtag #OmPrakshMishra became trending across the social media platforms and using the same hashtag, the netizens shared a lot of memes and jokes. The net users were cracked to hear the news that a singer from India had canceled the New Zealand series with Pakistan.
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