Attackers Posing as lawyers open fire kills Gangsters in Court

A tense situation erupted at the national capital Delhi after shootings took place at the Rohini Court on Friday. It is said that the firing was planned to take down a dreaded gangster. The cops present at the Court opened reverse firing to counter the attackers.

The firing resulted in three people including the most wanted gangster Jitendra alias Gogi losing their lives. The three victims died on the spot. In the counterattack by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police, two attackers were killed.

Media reports say that the attackers entered the Court premises projecting themselves as the advocates. At the time when Jitendra was brought before the judge, the attackers had opened fire taking him down.

The attackers are said to be from the rival gang Tillu gang. Things between the two rival gangs are said to be not going well. Waiting for the right time, the rival gang attacked Jogi and shot him dead. A lady lawyer was reportedly injured in the incident.

The Delhi Police had confirmed the incident and said two gangsters in lawyer attire were gunned down by the cops in a counter move. The responsibility of inquiring into the incident was given to the Jt Commissioner of Police, the Delhi Police said.

"Two gangsters killed in immediate counterfire by Police as they opened fire in lawyers attire at a gangster UTP in Rohini court premises this afternoon. All 3 gangsters dead. No other injury or death occurred. JtCP nothern range will enquire into the incident and submit report," the Delhi Police said in a tweet.
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