Meat Shops In Telangana To Come Under Government Control

Despite creating a lot of problems and difficulties for mankind, the ongoing Coronavirus did a good thing for us. Since the start of the pandemic, people have been taking special care of their health and taking healthy food to boost their immunity. People have started to consume more and more meat over the last year.

Looking into the Telangana situation particularly, the count of meat stalls has increased rapidly with the percentage of meat consumers reaching an all-time high. Though the state has been having a good amount of meat consumers, the percentage has gone up in the past one and a half years.

Seeing that customers are rushing towards the meat stalls, more sellers are venturing into the profitable business. However, the prices of the meat vary in the states from shop to shop. The consumers are also having issues with the same.

To keep an end to the difficulties, the Telangana Department of Animal Husbandry had swung into action with an intention to provide quality and hygiene meat to the public at reasonable prices. For this, the government is said to be taking the meat stall into their control.

Media reports say that to implement the scheme of bringing the meat stall into government control Slaughterhouses are likely to be set up across the state in big numbers to facilitate the new idea.

It has been widely reported that the government is looking to set up a slaughterhouse in every zone that falls under the purview of Hyderabad civic body GHMC. At the district level, one or two slaughterhouses would be set up. The mutton shops in the area would be linked to the slaughterhouses.

Once the idea gets into effect, the meat prices would be regulated and people in the state can get hygiene and quality meat at responsible price tags. As around 2,000 mutton shops out of the existing 10,000 stalls are under the government currently, the remaining shops will also be taken into control reportedly.

It is also said that the fish stalls are also likely to be under government control in the state. This move is expected to benefit the fishermen and the government purchases the fish from them to sell in the stalls.
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