Pawan Kalyan To Hold Party Leaders' Meeting On Sept 27, 28 At Vijayawada

There's a sudden change in the attitude of Pawan Kalyan soon after the results of the MPTC and ZPTC seats were out. Pawan feels that there is a cause for celebration despite the poor show. The Jana Sena chief feels that the party came second in many places and garnered a reasonably good percentage of votes.  The party  has won 177 out of 1200 seats and this is not a bad performance considering the resource crunch.

He criticised the YSRCP government soon after the election  and said that he would fight against it till the last. He said he would expose the YSRCP and its conspiracies. This statement is indicative of the fact that Pawan Kalyan has decided to take on the YSRCP to emerge as the third force in the state. Sources said he is keeping his options open on the alliance.  He is having track II parleys with both the BJP and the TDP on the issue of forming alliances.

In another major development,  he is organising a key meet of the party functionaries on September 27 and 28 at Vijayawada to discuss the future course of action.  He has also announced that he is all set to take up field level tour of the state.  One only hopes that the Jana Sena chief would stick to his words and undertake a tour of the state.
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