Rajamouli Changes RRR's Release Plan Again

Rajamouli's larger than life creation RRR looked set for Sankranthi 2022 release. It was even heard that the makers of the Jr NTR and Ram Charan starrer had asked the distributors to block the theatres during the coming Sankranthi season in order to facilitate RRR's theatrical release. There were also rumors that the makers of RRR had locked 8th January as the tentative release date for the film. However, the latest reports are suggesting that RRR's release plan has been altered again. Apparently, Rajamouli has pushed RRR's release prospect further. It is heard that Rajamouli wants to lock early April release for RRR.

Rajamouli is confident of preparing the final cut by the end of December this year. Which would mean that the film can practically be readied for Sankranthi release. But Rajamouli's biggest concern is not the final cut of RRR, but the footfalls at the theatres. Given the disastrous performance of Bollywood films that were released recently, Rajamouli gauged that the north Indian theatrical circuit is yet to re-open full-fledged. Given the situation, releasing RRR  across the globe early this January might not be a financially smart move as the Hindi circuit is yet open up completely.

So, Rajamouli has reportedly come to a conclusion that releasing RRR in theatres next April would be the right thing to do. That way, he will have enough time to work on the post production and also come up with an aggressive pre-release promotional campaign. With all this in mind, Rajamouli is apparently planning an early April release for RRR. The final call on the release date is yet to be taken though.

That said, Rajamouli is said to be facing stern pressure from Pen Studios to release the film at the earliest. The Bollywood production house bagged the all-India Hindi theatrical rights of RRR for a whopping price and they are urging Rajamouli to plan early January as they have invested big bucks on the project and further postponements will add financial burden on them. Rajamouli will be the one to take the final call in this regard and all eyes are on the master craftsman as the curiosity about RRR's release date reaches the pinnacle stage.
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