Naresh releases Video to counter Srikanth's comments

It's been four days since Sai Dharam Tej met with an accident. However, the controversy surrounding the issue continues to rake up with two members of Tollywood indulging in a war of words over the issue. Senior hero Naresh and Srikanth are at loggerheads now.

Reacting to the issue, Naresh said that, on Friday, Sai Dharam Tej paid a visit to his residence and he met with the accident after leaving his house. Not stopping there, he opined that counseling sessions should be held for the youth on overspending.

Hero Srikanth expressed his dissatisfaction over Naresh's comments and said he knows Sai Dharam Tej personally and he is a responsible person. Adding further, he said that such comments from Naresh are not required here.

Naresh hit back at Srikanth saying that his comments were interpreted and the matter was solved. He questioned Srikanth's problem in the issue. Saying that he was hurt by the video of Srikanth, Naresh advised Srikanth to not give such videos.

Stressing on the point that, Srikanth had lost the elections against his panel in the Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections, Naresh said he had seen Srikanth growing in the industry. Naresh had released a video on YouTube to counter Srikanth's comments.

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