Proposed Bill Aims At Providing Green Cards For Prescribed Fee!

In a news that could bring a smile to the faces of the foreigners in the United States who want to get Green Card, the permanent residency in America, a bill was reportedly proposed in the House in the country that aims at providing Green Card by paying a prescribed fee.

The local media in the United States said that the new bill can be a game-changer in the Green Card visas as those who are in the backlog of the Visas can get the visas by paying an amount. The payable amount was prescribed as per the visa type.

The aspirants can get permanent residency by paying a supplementary fee of $5,000, two years prior to the date. For the EB-5 category that applies for the immigrant investors, the fee was fixed as $50,000. Coming to a family-based immigrant, the fee might be USD 2,500. The amount is under the condition that the immigrant should be sponsored by a citizen of the United States.

If the priority date is less than two years, the applicant would have to pay a sum of $1,500. The condition for that would be that the applicant should stay in the country. On the flip side, there is no info on whether the annual quotas of H-1B visas would be increased or not. A statement is awaited.

American business magazine Forbes said in its report that a bill was proposed by the lawmakers and is expected to benefit Indians and Chinese employees working in the United States.

As reported by Forbes, the new bill would permit various sections of immigrants like Children, essential workers, and farmworkers to apply for the Green Card. These sections come under the category of undocumented immigrants.

Looking at the possibilities of the bill to emerge as the law, the proposed bill should get a green signal from the Judiciary Committee, House, and the Senate. As the last step, the bill should be signed by the President of the United States.

The debate on easing the rules to the issuance of Green Cards for the immigrants. Now the proposed bill is said to be a part of the efforts being made by the Indian-American lawmakers in this regard.
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