Penetration done on any body parts to get the feeling is rape: Kerala High Court!

While hearing the cases pertaining to the matters of sexual assault and abuse of women, the courts are not restraining themselves from using strong words to give an actual definition.

In one such case, the Kerala High Court made it clear that sexual act of non penitration should also be considered as rape, reports claimed.

Going into details, the sensational case that says a minor was reportedly subjected to sexual assault by a man has reached the division bench of Kerala High Court.

As a land mark decision, the bench comprising justices Vinod Chandran and Ziyad Rahman quoted Section 375 and said penetration of the penis onto any part of the body that used to create the feeling should be considered as rape.

The issue reached the court with the accused in the case knocking on the doors of the High Court challenging the verdict of the trial court.

Earlier in July, the Bombay High Court in a case said that sexual assault without penetration should be considered as rape.
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