Has KCR erred in promoting Kaushik Reddy?

Has KCR erred in nominating Padi Kaushik Reddy o the legislative council in Governor's quota? KCR hoped to get the Reddy vote by elevating Kaushik Reddy. He also Srinivas, wanted to send a signal that those who join the TRS will be amply rewarded. But, it now appears that this game plan is coming unstuck.

Several leaders from the undivided Karimnagar district are upset that loyal soldiers of the party are being sidelined and opportunist turncoats like Kaushik Reddy is being elevated.  Especially, leaders like Ponaganti Mallaiah of Jammikunta, BC leader like Vakulabharanam Krishna Mohan, Gellu Srinivas, Sampath Kumar of Kamalapuram, Takkallapalli Rajeshwara Rao and others are said to be deeply unhappy. They reportedly met former MP and present Planning Board deputy chairperson Vinod Rao and expressed their displeasure at the appointment of Kaushik Reddy.

The TRS leaders are said to have complained that sincere and loyal party workers were being ignored in TRS. They said that Kaushik Reddy was too junior in the Congress itself and that there were several cases pending against Kaushik Reddy. They are said to have furnished a list of 60 cases pending against Kaushik Reddy.

Now, TRS strategists are worried that this decision could boomerang and several loyal TRS workers may become either inactive or work against the party. This may prove counter'productive for the party, they feel.
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