Indian women's hockey team loses in semis, Bronze dreams alive

Despite getting a good start, the Indian Women’s Hockey failed to capitalize on the early lead which in turn resulted in the team losing to Argentina in the semis by 2-1. The chances of winning gold or silver also took a massive dive with this.

However, the Indian Women’s Hockey can still take an Olympic medal home if the team keeps its nerve in the next match with Great Britain, where both teams will have a faceoff for the bronze medal.

The Indian side had a dreamy start for the semis with Gurjit Singh scoring a goal off the penalty giving an early lead of 1-0 in the first quarter. However, the lead could not go further to India with the opponent team making two goals.

Killing the hopes and happiness of Indian fans, Argentina skipper Barrionuevo Maria Noel scored two goals turning the match towards their side. With a 2-1 lead, Argentina won the semis and made it to the finals.

The finals of the women’s hockey will be played on the 6th of this month between the Netherlands and Argentina. India and Great Britain who lost to Argentina and Netherlands respectively would take on each other for the Bronze.
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