Shocking: Teenage girl sends threatening message to dad demanding money

As a hard hitting instance on how the over usage of technology impacts the children, a teenage girl has blackmailed her father and demanded money.

Going into details, a couple from Uttar Pradesh's Shalimar Garden area has rebuked their 11-year-old daughter for not studying properly. Angered with this, the teenager decided to threaten her father.

The teenager has sent her father a message on WhatsApp. As per the reports, the threatening message says that of he fails to pay a sum of Rs 1 crore, his son and daughter would be killed.

Seeing the message, the father immediately rushed to the nearby police station and lodged a complaint.

After digging deeper, the cops found out out that the message was sent through the laptop of the complainant. He was shocked to hear about this.

When asked the teenager on the same, she agreee that she had sent the message to show her anger of being scolded by parents.
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