Narendra Modi's brother urged shop owners to not pay GST!

All-India Fair Price Shop Association Vice-president Prahlad Modi had appealed to the traders to not pay GST until their demands were met. His comments had increased the political heat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's brother had advised the traders to do so as a bid to protest to see that their plight reaches the government.

He made these sensational comments while addressing the shop owners in Maharashtra's Thane.

He advised the shop owners to write to the Maharashtra government saying that till their concerns and demands were heard by the government, they will not pay the GST.

When he met the shop owners, representatives of various trade unions explained the tough situations they have been going through since the Covid outbreak.

They also placed their request before Prahlad Modi that the cases filed against them on the grounds of violating the Covid norms and protocols should be quashed as they are trying to explain their problems.
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