Delhi Police Bust Fake Call Centre That Is Into Cheating Us Nationals

In a big development, the Police busted a fake call centre that is involved in duping the citizens of the United States.

The call centre operates from the national capital Delhi and dupes the victims by calling them. The fraudsters call the victims and introduce themselves as the US State officials.

Along with busting the fake call centre, the cops have nabbed around 65 people including Lakhan Jagwani and Vijender Singh Rawat who runs the call centre.

Going by the information shared by the Police, the officials raided a building in Delhi's Hari Nagar based on the top off they received. The fruadsters were caught red handed as they were in their regular work of calling the victims and receiving calls from them.

Even after getting caught by the Police, they tried to escape by introducing themselves as the medical service suppliers.

When grilled by the cops, the fraudsters have accepted that they are into cheating the US Residents.They even shared the details on how they operate. The fraudsters told the cops that they use special technology that makes them untraceable.

They would fix the victims based on the phone numbers they get through illegal manner. After getting the info, they call them and introduce themselves as the officials of different designations based on the occupation of the people they call.

Saying that they might face the risk of losing their Social Security Number, the fraudsters would ask the victims to send the amount they have in their bank accounts to e-gift cards on the pretext of security reasons.

During the raid, the cops seized desktops, laptops, routers, internet distribution switches and mobile phones.

The Police said that the selected victims will receive a call from the robocall that's pre-recorded. The call says that the call is from the US Legal Department and directs them to press 1 on the IVR. By doing so, the call gets directed to the fake call centre.

Police believe that the amount duped by the fraudsters from the United States nationals would be in crores. As the investigation is on, more details would be out soon.

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