Narappa: Mani Sharma Not Happy With Venkatesh and Suresh Babu

Narappa, the Telugu remake of Asuran, starring Venkatesh, Priyamani, and others in important roles premiered on Amazon Prime Video earlier this month. The film had garnered a relatively good response from digital audiences. Especially, Mani Sharma's background score is being applauded by those who have watched the film. However, the majority of the background score is a mere replica of the original version. The director of Narappa, Srikanth Addala revealed that the makers of the film opted not to use the exact same composition that was used in the original in order to emulate a similar intensity as that of the original. But as it appears, Mani Sharma, who composed music for Narappa is not pleased with the decision of the makers to use the same composition for Narappa.

It is heard that Mani Sharma did not attend any promotional events of Narappa as a token of discontentment with Venkatesh, Suresh Babu, and the entire team of Narappa. He rejected the invitations of the makers to attend a few promotional events. He is said to be furious with the makers for not letting him compose a fresh soundtrack. He opines that replicating the Tamil soundtrack for Narappa had damaged his reputation. He had conveyed his intention to the core team of Narappa as well.

Incidentally, the "Ra Champara" soundtrack that is used extensively in Narappa is more or less a mirror copy of the "Vaa Asuran Vaa" soundtrack that was used in the original, Asuran. The Telugu composition had also received a positive response. But what Mani Sharma says is that he could have come up with an even better output had the makers let him do so. But owing to the persistence of the makers he had to stick to the same composition. This did not go well with the musical maestro and he opted not to attend any of Narappa's promotional events. When asked about the whole incident, Suresh Babu changed the topic and said there is no traction between Mani Sharma and team Narappa. He said the entire cast and crew are in good spirits and there is nothing to worry about. 
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