Present Huzurabad has a rich history of over 2,000 years!

As when all eyes are on Huzurabad by elections which are expected to commence soon, an amateur Archeologist has shared stunning details of the rich history of the region.

Amateur Archaeologist R. Ratnakar Reddy said that Huzurabad has a rich history of around 2,000 years. Earlier, the region was called Edulapuram.

As part of my research, I have found Edulapuram village under the Ranganayakula Gutta in Huzurabad.
Quite a contrast to the grindstone we see, I have discovered a broad grindstone that was used earlier, he told the reporters.

Sharing more data, Reddy said in those days beads, iron and steel were used as decoration accessories.

We have also found historic evidence of the region that ranges from Naveena Shilayugam, Satavahana dynasty and others, he said.

The previous Edulapuram village used to be around the Ranganayakula Gutta. Just like now, earlier too people belonging to various works used to live here.

In those days, Ayurveda was the main treatment for people. For the betterment of people, big grindstones were placed so that the ingredients used in Ayurveda can be grinded well.
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