BC leader R Krishnaiah out to ruin Eatala's plans in Huzurabad?

Is BC leader and former MLA R Krishnaiah trying to spoil Eatala Rajender’s game and thereby help the ruling TRS in Huzurabad bypolls? This question is now being hotly discussed in the Telangana political circles.  Krishnaiah has entered the Huzurabad ploy on BC plank and his actions are seen as being indirectly helpful to the ruling TRS.

Krishnaiah has decided to throw his hat in the Huzurabad ring on the issue of the sacking of 7600 field assistants. He said the sacking was wrong and wanted the TRS government to reinstate them forthwith. He said he would make over 1000 field assistants to file their nominations from Huzurabad. At the same time, thousands of BC workers would go to Huzurabad to campaign against the TRS.

While this may sound as an ant- TRS action, the candidates would only end up confusing the anti-KCR and anti-TRS voters. They would only divide the anti-TRS voters. Assuming that each candidate will get200 votes each, the total votes would be around 20000 votes. This is a huge number and could tilt the balance. They would only end up weaning away anti-TRS voters. This would only leave Eatala Rajender, a BC himself, further weakened.

Interestingly, the TRS employed a similar tactic against BJP candidate Dharmapuri Aravind in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Since there was anger against KCR’s daughter Kalwakuntla Kavitha on the issue of Turmeric Board, scores of turmeric farmers had filed their nomination. They tried to cut into the anti-Kavitha votes. It is another matter that the tactic boomeranged. Will it boomerang in Huzurabad too? Or will it only cut the BC votes and help divide the field assistants? Let’s wait and watch how things unfold.
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