You Either Stay Successful Or You Will Have To Leave In This Business: D Suresh Babu

Suresh Productions is one of the biggest banners in South India. They have been making films for the past 57 years and producer Suresh Babu knows the film business inside out. He has seen everything in the film industry starting from the rise of stars to change in filmmaking techniques.

His incredible journey in the film industry is still going strong and he recently reflected on his career as a producer. Speaking to IANS, he stated, “As long as I know the pulse of the audience, I will last in this business. The day I don't understand the audience, I will have to leave and go. If I, as a producer, say that 'in 1975 I made a hit film and in 1985 I did this', then I am done with. Can I make a successful in 2021, do I know the audience of 2021? That's how I keep looking at it and I know this change is good.”

He added, “I have seen the change happening because our company is 57 years old. We have seen films evolving but there is also a common threat to this whole thing. In this evolution, you watch what is right, you keep your head on your shoulders and then you either stay successful or you will have to leave.” Over the years, Suresh Babu has produced many blockbusters like 'Eega', 'Kalisundam Ra', 'Neeku Nenu Naaku Nuvvu', 'Pellichoopulu', 'Venky Mama' and others. He is a national award winning movie producer who is regarded as one of the best in business.

Unlike other producers, D Suresh Babu went ahead and released a star hero film like 'Narappa' on Amazon Prime Video. This 'Asuran' remake was released on Tuesday and got a decent response from the audience. Speaking about it, he claimed, “We knew we are doing a commercially realistic film. Generally, the Telugu audience likes to see new things. It's mostly if they have tried it or not. Will they accept a hero like this? When we initially released the images, there was a lot of positive buzz. So, we knew that once the trailer comes out, they will either say that it's too real or they will say that it's really good. The barometer moved towards it being really good only. They were so excited and felt that there was a lot of freshness in the whole thing. Because of it being a realistic commercial film, it has a certain nuance which, makes it a little special.”

After 'Narappa', Suresh Babu is now taking care of his son Rana Daggubati's 'Virataparvam' which is also ready for release. It was directed by Venu Udugula and Sai Pallavi is the heroine in it.
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