Senior Actor Prefers This Over His Highest Remuneration!

Senior hero Naresh has been in the industry for more than three decades. He was a hero who acted in many entertaining films and he is a character artist who is very versatile and can do any kind of character. He even worked as the President of Movie Artists Association too.

He recently shared a couple of photos of mangoes and kala jamoons which were raised in his farm. He shared, "Naresh the farmer sold his hand plucked organic mangoes & kala jamoons to his film fraternity at his studio for Rs. 50 a kg and earned rs 3600. The happiness was much more than when received his highest remuneration as an actor. Try farming feel the real joy."

Seems like Naresh resorted to farming in the last couple of months which everyone were under lockdown. He was so happy and his heart is filled with joy when he got to hand pluck his own fruits of his own labor. Currently, he is acting in a couple of movies and playing interesting roles.
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