Where are all Kamma leaders in TDP's former citadels?

Krishna and Guntur -  these two districts have always been TDP citadels. They returned TDP even when the TDP lost power. Even in 2009, when Praja Rajyam's wave swept the state and it seriously dented the TDP prospects, the party could win more seats in these two districts.

Such hard-as-rock citadels crumbled in 2019 elections. This time around, the TDP got just four seats form these two districts.  Of these four MLAs, two have already left the party for the ruling YSRCP. Gannavaram's Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Guntur West MLA Maddali Giri are in the YSRCP now. During the 2014-19 term, the TDP had seven MLAs and two MPs – all from the Kamma caste. In the 2019 elections too, as many as ten Kamma stalwarts contested the election in Guntur district. Not one of them could win. Even Chandrababu's son and party general secretary Nara Lokesh had to bite the dust in Mangalagiri. This is the first ever drubbing of this kind in the two districts.

Significantly, all these stalwarts have now fallen totally silent. Former minister Prattipati Pulla Rao is completely silent due to the spate of cases filed against him. Yarapatineni Srinivasa Rao and GV too have gone silent Rayapati is inactive due to age factor. Kodela's sudden death has left a void that is very difficult to fill. The condition of the party in Macharla, Bapatla, Guntur East and Narsaraopet is pitiable. As a result, both these strong citadels have simply melted away and the YSRCP is ruling the roost in these districts
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