Why are T Congress leaders missing this simple logic?

Have Telangana Congress leaders utterly failed to read the mind of the high command? Have they missed the elementary questions and are trying to get their demands fulfilled at the wrong time? Have they turned themselves into jokers while the Congress politics at the national level are in a very critical stage?

All major Telangana Congress leaders are now camping in Delhi to lobby for the PCC president's post. In fact, Revanth Reddy has been camping with his family members in Delhi for the past 15 days. He is running from pillar to post to impress them and get their nod for his appointment as PCC chief. Komatireddy Venkat Reddy was in Delhi for over a week. He returned recently. By the evening on the same day, he was back in Delhi. But, highly placed sources say that Sonia Gandhi is deeply unhappy with all these.

Sonia Gandhi is set to hold a very important meeting with state incharges, general secretaries and the PCC chiefs on June 24. This meeting is very significant as it helps chalk out a strategy to contain the BJP in the country. This will be an online meeting. The meeting has assumed significance as some key leaders are demanding reforms in the party. Sonia Gandhi is quite busy with this meeting. Will she be able to take a decision on PCC chief ahead of such important meeting? Thus, all the attempts by these post-seekers would go waste at this time  Despite knowing all these, why are the T Congress leaders are camping in Delhi?? How did they miss this simple logic?
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