Is fear of Jr NTR turning Lokesh more and more belligerent?

What's behind the sudden belligerence of Nara Lokesh? Of late, he has been very vocal in criticising the ruling YSRCP. His comments have become more strident and his language increasingly baser. Sometimes, he doesn't seem to even worry about using abusive language. What's the real reason for this belligerence?

Sources say that the TDP top boss Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh are deeply perturbed by the rising support for Jr NTR's re-entry. Many TDP activists are demanding that NTR be brought back as the main campaigner for the party. They are showing flags with NTR's image on them even in programmes where Chandrababu Naidu is speaking. What more, the demand is more strident in Chittoor and Kuppam, the home turf of Chandrababu. The TDP boss has been representing Kuppam since 1985.

To show that he is good enough and that the party does not need Junior NTR to revive its fortunes, Lokesh is trying to attack the YSRCP with unparliamentary words. According to Minister Perni Nani, this is a futile attempt to project oneself. He said Lokesh is doing all these to grab the attention of the people. 'Lokesh has gone crazy. He is trying to grab the attention by hook or crook,' Nani said.  Chandrababu and Lokesh are afraid that NTR could do to them what they did to senior NTR, he said The future for the father-son duo is very bleak, he said
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