Sonu Sood responds to news of gifting costly car to his son

Sonu Sood, the real hero has hit the headlines with media reports which claim that he had gifted a costly car to his son on Father's Day. The car is said to have costed Rs 3 crore.

This news took the social media like a strom. After the news reached him, the real hero has responded to the news and rubbished the rumours.

The actor said that, the car was spotted at his house, as they went for a trial ride in the vehicle. We had a test ride, but I didn't buy the car. All the reports are false, he said.

Sonu Sood even joked that, for Father's Day, why would I gift my son a luxury car. He should be gifting me something right? Sonu Sood said.

Talking about the Father's Day celebration, the real hero said, spending time with his sons will be a best gift. Saying that his sons are growing up, he said he he hardly gets time to spend with them.
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