Covid Fear: Children and Teenagers Should be vaccinated as soon as possible!

The  delta variant of the novel Coronavirus, which is said to be the driving force behind the virus spread in the United Kingdom is also an area of concern for India too.  

Recently, experts have claimed that a major share of Corona infections in Tamil Nadu were caused by the delta variant. A few studies have also confirmed the same.  

With the studies too confirming the same, the experts have urged that the teenagers should be vaccinated against the virus once the vaccine trial results come.Tamil Nadu State Public Health has conducted the studies.

As part of the study, the officials have examined more than 500 samples and found out that, over 300 samples have the delta variant traces.  The study had also found out that, the teenagers and children have the high chances of coming in contact with the delta variant of Covid.

What's even more concerning is that, 86 samples, out of the samples that were of delta variant.

The experts are warning that, as soon as the trail results come, the teenagers and children should be vaccinated as we have a big threat in the form of delta variant.

As it would take some more time for the vaccine trails on people below 18 to come, the experts have also given a suggestion that, importing vaccines which are being used in other countries will do.

The new study was conducted at the time when several experts across the globe have warned that a possible third wave of Covid would hit us which would have an bigger impact on us.However, there are a few contradictions in the observations of experts on the vulnerability of children in the next wave.
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