AC, refrigerator, RO water plants at farmers' protest site in Delhi

The farmers, who are protesting against the new farm laws brought in by the Modi government, are showing no signs of leaving Delhi borders. They are constructing temporary cabins with green cloth used in the green houses and hay from their villages. The cabins are made of steel frames.

The farmers are fitting each cabin with air conditioners. Each cabin will have a reverse osmosis water unit and a refrigerator to make available cool drinks, chilled liquor and drinking water. Snacks are also being stored in these cabins. The community kitchens constructed at the protest site are also provided with air conditioning. Instead of Khichdi, roti, sabji and chicken are now being served. Sources say that the farmers are attending in batches. While one batch leaves for the villages, another comes and occupies the cabins. After staging dharna for some time, this batch makes way for another.

With most farmers wanting to leave due to the upcoming farming season, organisers are now improving the facilities to keep the farmers at the site. They are also asking the people to join the protest by rotation to ensure that there are sufficient number of protesters at the site.
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