Balayya Explains The Reason Behind Slapping His Fans!

Nandamuri senior hero Balakrishna is never out of the public limelight. He is always in the news whether it is good or bad. On one hand, we all know about his films and good work through Basavatarakam hospitals. At the same time, he always grabs the headlines due to his manhandling of fans on various occasions.

Responding to the repeated slapping of his fans, the actor-politician said, "Even I do not know that. I am in the process of finding that. In fact, I am a specimen myself for my own R&D about that topic. I do not do that without any reason. I do that when there is some excess. But whenever it happens, I make it a point to inform the concerned about the wrongdoing with people around me. Or I will tell that myself when I meet the person next time."

Balayya is working on 'Akhanda' directed by Boyapati Sreenu right now and he will be teaming up with 'Krack' filmmaker Gopichand Malineni for his 107th film. The announcement was made on his birthday and his fans are very excited about these two films.
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