What if NTR becomes a plus and minus to TDP: Balakrishna

Nandamuri scion Balakrishna, one of the leading heroes in the business, who enjoys a huge following in masses celebrated his 61st birthday on Thursday. On the occasion, he gave an interview to a leading news channel.

JR. NTR fans and TDP sympathisers are hoping to see him at the party started by his grandfather, legendary actor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. Whenever the topic raises, TDP leaders try to brush it off.

During the interview, Nata Simham was asked the same question. Replying to the question, Balayya Babu said, NTR joining TDP might be a minus point as well.

The way Balayya Babu, who stays energetic all the time became completely silent and taking a pause to answer the question about Jr. NTR sends a big message that he is in no mood to even talk about it.

After taking a pause, the Akhanda actor said, even has their opinions. What happens if NTR's entry into the party turns out to be a plus and becomes minus later, Balayya Babu asked.

It appears like Balayya Babu is not in support of the demand to invite Tarak into the TDP, which is not less than a shrinking ship in Andhra Pradesh.

After the video was released on YouTube by the News Channel, NTR fans flooded the comment section with messages claiming that Balakrishna passed these comments just to make Nara Lokesh happy.
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