Complaint lodged about absentee MLA in Telangana

The controversy over Vemulawada MLA Chennamaneni Ramesh refuses to die down. The MLA, whose Indian citizenship is in question, has not been in India for over the past 15 months. He is currently in Germany. Several people have questioned his continuous absence in India for such a long time.

Burra Raviteja Goud, who had contested the 2018 elections from Vemulawada against Chennamaneni Ramesh, on Thursday lodged a complaint with the chief justice of the Telangana High Court. In his complaint, he said Ramesh's citizenship was doubtful and that the Union Home Ministry has categorically said that Ramesh was not an Indian citizen. The petition is now under consideration, he pointed out. He said that since 2009, in every election, his citizenship has always been under suspicion and that Ramesh was surviving only on technical issues.

He said that the citizens of Vemulawada have a right to have an elected representative to address their issues. He said that Ramesh was not available to the people of his constituency for the past 15 months. He appealed to the chief justice to address the issue with utmost urgency.
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