A tale of two states, two parties and two rebels

If TRS in Telangana has its Eatala Rajender, the YSRCP in AP has its own rebel in the form of Raghuramakrishnam Raju. Both have rebelled against their respective bosses. But, in tone, tenor, temperament and tactics, both the rebels are polls apart.

One is vocal and is given to hyperbole the moment a media gun-mike is thrust at him. The other is silent and does not speak much. One took to public at the first given opportunity and made allegations galore. The other one voiced his dissonance only in the cabinet meets and party forums. He never went public till he is removed from the ministry.

One says he shall never leave the party come what may. He does not resign from the party and fights from within. The other has left the party within weeks after he was sacked from the ministry. He is now on his way to resign from the assembly and seek reelection.

One was a leader who joined the YSRCP before the 2019 elections and grabbed the MP seat from Narsapuram. Prior to that, his was known for his party-hopping skills.  The rebel from Telangana has been with the party from the time of its formation. He has never wavered despite many allurements.

Interestingly, one is desperate to get BJP backing, but the BJP till now is looking the other way. The other rebel was wooed and welcomed by the BJP.

The two rebels are a study in contrast. Let's wait and see the future course of both these rebels.
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