CLP leader bats for imposition of health emergency in Telangana!

Congress Legislative Party(CPL) leader and Madhira MLA, Bhatti Vikramarka has once again lashed out at Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao over the Covid situations in the state.

Bhatti Vikramarka alleged that the state government has failed miserably to contain the virus spread in the state. The MLA said CS Somesh Kumar is not working seriously.

Alleging that the Covid-19 patients in the state are facing the issues of shortage of beds and medicines, Bhatti Vikramarka said, in the meetings, CS and CM can be seen eating biscuits.

Several hospitals are facing a shortage of medical oxygen. The Ministers are issuing false statements on Covid situations. Health emergency should be declared in the state, the CLP leader said.

"Forget about the first dose of Covid, it's hard to get even the second dose of virus in the state. Then what did CS, Task Force Chairman, Minister KTR speak during the meetings? Looks like the government is in Coma," he added.

Saying that the TRS government has failed in containing the virus spread, Vikramarka suggested that a committee with opposition leaders should be formed to tackle the situation in the state.
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