Rarest Of The Rare Incident In Telangana Legislative Council

The Telangana legislative council is all set to witness the rarest of the rare occasion by this month-end. Both the speaker and the deputy speaker will complete their term by May 31 and the election commission is not going to hold the elections for the council anytime soon. So, who will officiate as chairperson for the proceedings of the council?

According to the constitution’s Article 183, the council should have a chairperson to conduct the proceedings. But in case where there is no chairperson as well as the deputy chairperson, a pro-tem speaker will have to be appointed by the governor. The protem chairperson will officiate the proceedings of the house till a new chairperson is elected. The same procedure will be followed now as per the Article 184 of the Constitution. This will be one of the rarest occasions when a protem chairperson will be asked to conduct the proceedings of the house. This is only the second time in the history of the country that a protem chairperson will transact business other than swearing-in of the members. The only occasion when protem chairperson conducted the business of the house was in Karnataka in 2018.

According to highly placed sources, KCR is considering three names for the post of protem speaker. Nizamabad’s senior MLC V Gangadhar Goud, Karimnagar's MLC Naradasu Lakshman Rao and MIM member Syed Amin Jaffri are being considered. One of them will be appointed the protem speaker.
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