Centre to place an order for 50 million Pfizer doses by third quarter this year!

When India is at the juncture of shortage of vaccine availability, the Union Government is negotiating with US-based Pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer to buy vaccine doses in big numbers.

As per the media reports, negotiations are underway between the Centre and the top officials of Pfizer to purchase as many as 50 million doses of Covid vaccine. The vaccine doses are expected to reach India by the third quarter of this year.

If we have to take anything from the media reports, in a series of talks held with the officials of Pfizer, in this regard and the government is confident of buying the vaccine doses.

Despite the fact that Pfizer vaccine doses will be costlier compared to the other vaccines, the Centre has no other option left other than sticking up vaccines no matter what the cost is.

These reports came when states like UP, Maharashtra, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and others announced that they would call global tenders to get vaccine doses.

It has to be noted that India has been reporting new Covid cases and casualties in record numbers. Following the devastating situation in the country, the demand for vaccine doses increased at once.

Due to the shortage of vaccine doses, the vaccination drive against the pandemic came to a standstill. The states with low vaccine supply announced that the drive would be resumed once the vaccine stock reaches the stock.
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