Ration Shops In Ap To Be Shut From Monday, Dealers Return Their Vehicles!

In order to express their anger over the concerned officials, the ration dealers in Andhra Pradesh announced the complete closure of ration shops across the state from Monday. The ration dealers said they are unable to deliver the goods.

Andhra Pradesh Ration Dealers Association president M Venkata Rao announced the same to the media on Sunday and said the decision was taken to protest against the attitude of the officials.

Alleging that they were being pressurised by the officials to deliver the ration goods to the beneficiaries claiming that they were not being provided with goods in the required quantity to meet the needs of the people.

The ration dealers are telling that people are also angry at them for not delivering the goods as per their requirements.

In Guntakal of Anantapur, 10 out of 20 vehicle drivers handed over their vehicles at the Tahasildar office claiming that the money they are receiving as salary is not meeting their needs.

They raised a demand that the money they have spent while taking the vehicle should be returned so that they can look for other job opportunities.

The protest of ration providers will leave a toll on the public in Andhra Pradesh given the fact that a day curfew is active in the state. The public in the state advised not to step out of their houses when the curfew is active. With the ration operators saying that the ration shops will be closed, the public will face it hard to get the ration goods.
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