On The Occasion Of Mother's Day Let Us Appreciate Who Are Balancing Personal And Professional Work

Mothers, who play a big role in shaping a kid's life are honored on Mother's Day that marks today. Mother's Day is celebrated in various parts of the world on the 9th of May this year.

Mothers are the unsung heroes in our lives. Even during the pandemic period, mothers are exercising their duties as doctors, medical staff, Corona warriors, Cops, and other services are handling both personal and professional work.

They are taking care of their house and meeting the needs of their duties as well. Dealing with personal and professional responsibilities is putting an extra burden on working women making them go through a tough period.

Not worrying about Covid second wave, mothers and pregnant women and exercising their duties. In one such incident, a pregnant Deputy SP in Chhattisgarh, Shilpa Sahi worked in hot conditions, making sure that people follow Covid guidelines and not step out of their houses without proper reason.

It has to be noted that when the nationwide lockdown was imposed in March last year, a mother from Telangana went an extra mile to bring her son back home. She traveled more than 1,400 km to do so by driving a two-wheeler.

The situation of pregnant women who were tested Covid-19 positive is even worse. They cannot even touch their newborn kids fearing that they might transmit the virus to their kids too. The only thing they can do is hope that the lives they are carrying will be safe from the virus.

On the flip side, Mother's Day will be painful for those who have lost their mothers to the deadly Covid virus. On this occasion, we can only pray that people who lost their mothers can get the strength to stay strong.
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