Only 44 per cent Indians use masks properly

We knew this all along. But, a survey has now just confirmed this. While 90 per cent Indians know about the importance of wearing a mask, only 44 per cent of Indians know how to wear the mask right. Also, 90 per cent of Indians do not know anything about the 19 Covid protection guidelines that the Government has issued.

These startling facts came out in a survey conducted by Ek Desh organization, which is running an Apna Mask campaign, which is working to create awareness about Covid protection. It found that despite the massive campaign unleashed by the government, NGOs and other civil society organizations,  the compliance levels are very low. Only 44 per cent are found to be wearing the mask. Even those who wear the mask are not wearing it right. For many it has become a chin-protector. Many people are pulling down the mask to expose the noses if not the mouth.

More indifferent are the youths and those from the lower strata of the society. One of the main reasons for non-compliance is the discomfort caused by the masks. Many complained that the masks were uncomfortable and that they were feeling stuffy. One interesting feature is that lesser and lesser people are using dupattas, chunris as temporary masks. 
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