Anti-Etela pamphlets in Etela's camp office

In an incident that raised quite a few eyebrows, pamphlets questioning dismissed minister and TRS leader Etela Rajander's financial dealings, appeared right in his camp office in Hyderabad. The pamphlets made several allegations against Etela and demanded a thorough probe into his financial dealings.

The pamphlets were printed in the name of some Praja Arogya Parirakshana Sangham (Public health protection organization). The pamphlets, printed in the name of Tipparapu Sampath , alleged that Ranjit Reddy, Ram Reddy and Venkat were the proxies for Etela Rajender's businesses and demanded probe against them. The pamphlet also claimed that Etela has a partnership in a private college, a medical college, a house in Delhi and another farm house worth Rs 100s of crores. It also said that Etela has hidden information in his election affidavit.

Interestingly, a few days ago Tipparapu Sampath, in whose name the pamphlets were published, climbed up a cellphone tower and threatened to jump off if no action was taken against Etela Rajender.
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