Etela's supporters divided over taking on KCR

Former Minister Etela Rajender appears quite indecisive about taking on KCR. He still appears to be vacillating and has not used any tough words against KCR so far. On Tuesday, his statements were more conciliatory rather than confrontational.

While some analysts say that Etela is more worried about his secret assets tumbling out of the closet, the others say he is not getting the kind of response he expected. The protests by the BC organizations are muted and meek. The attendance in these protests has been quite low. What is more worrisome for him is that there was no unanimity among his supporters about the future course of action. On Tuesday, he held a meeting with his supporters in Huzurabad.

However, his supporters were divided about what to do next. A significant number of his supporters advised caution and suggested that he mend his fences with KCR. Some even offered to mediate between Etela and the party leadership. Some others have called for taking KCR head-on. Interestingly, none suggested a tie-up with any other party to fight the TRS and KCR. The meeting ended inconclusively for Etela.
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