Talented Director To Come Up With A Female-Oriented Subject!

Talented filmmaker Sudheer Varma who made a name for himself with films like 'Swamy Ra Ra', 'Keshava', 'Dochey' and 'Ranarangam' is currently working on a female-oriented story. Despite the box-office results, Sudheer Varma's films are always lauded for their technical finesse. He knows how to bring the best output within the given budget.

Coming to his present film, Sudheer Varma's female-oriented film that three lead characters played by Regina, Nivetha Thomas and Pooja Ramachandran. Grapevine suggests that this movie will be sold to a popular OTT platform instead of going for a theatrical release. This news is exciting the film lovers. Right from the beginning of his career, Sudheer Varma never hid the fact that he gets inspired by Hollywood films and series. He openly admits it in interviews which is quite commendable.

Since it is a women-centric film with three female leads, people are quite interested to know about the story of this film and what inspired Sudheer Varma to take up such a subject. Let us wait and see!
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