How BJP lost power and prestige in Lingojiguda?

The BJP in GHMC's Lingojiguda division bypoll has ended up with loads and loads of egg on its face. The party which hastily went to the TRS to thank for not contesting the bypoll, did not take into account the Congress Party. It neither went to the Congress nor requested it to allow a unanimous election. The BjP paid for this mistake.

Not only BJP candidate Akhil Goud was defeated, but was also outclassed by both TRS and the Congress. The Congress candidate who had defeated the BJP candidate is a close associate of local MLA Sudheer Reddy, who had since joined the TRS. The TRS workers and leaders had voted for the Congress candidate as they did not want the BJP to win. Meanwhile, some BJP leaders meeting and thanking KCR too did not go well with the BJP cadre. They became disinterested in the poll process and did not bother to vote. As a result, the BJPhad lost on both the counts. The result is that the BJP has earned a bad name for pandering to the TRS and has got defeated by the Congress.

Now sources say that the victorious Congress candidate might soon join the TRS. Thus, the TRS will end up getting another corporator, while the BJP has lost not just one seat, but also the prestige and credibility.
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