Prabhas, A Darling To His Fans Off The Screen As Well!

Prabhas is a pan-Indian star now but he is still a darling to his fans. They love him to the core and even the star hero shows so much care and love towards his fans. He is one of the most humble persons in the industry as per many celebrities. A heart-warming story about Prabhas recently came out.

Vempa Kasi who is an entrepreneur from Prabhas' home town Bhimavaram praised the 'Baahubali' hero immensely. Kasi's friend had a 20-year-old son who is suffering from cancer and was hospitalized. When Prabhas knew about it, he rushed to the hospital and spent an hour with the boy who was his fan. The doctors said that he wouldn't live for more than 2 days but the kid went on to stay alive for 20 more days just due to the happiness Prabhas gave him.

Kasi said that Prabhas was willing to visit again and again if need. This shows explains the nature of Prabhas and proves that he is a 'Baahubali' offscreen too without a doubt.

On the work front, Prabhas is doing huge films like 'Radhe Shyam', 'Adipurush' and 'Salaar' at the same time which will be released in 2021 & 2022.
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