Balayya Fans Not Happy With 'Akhanda'!

On the occasion of Ugadi, the makers of Balakrishna-Boyapati film have announced that their film's title is going to be 'Akhanda'. Apart from the teaser that came out on Balayya's birthday last year, Boyapati released a new teaser along with revealing the film's title.

Though the newly released teaser impressed the fans, they are reportedly not pleased with the title 'Akhanda'. The Aghora getup and the senior hero's powerful dialogues added with a massy background score by Thaman got good marks but they feel that 'Akhanda' is not as powerful as they expected.

Right from the beginning, names such as 'Monarch'. 'Emperor' and others were attached. Rumors are that fans are a bit disappointed with 'Akhanda' and want another title. But it doesn't matter if the film impresses the audience. So, let us wait till May to know if 'Akhanda' is apt or not. Pragya Jaiswal is the heroine in this movie which is produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy.
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