RGV's new horror film to take the place of Chai's Love Story

Maverick director RGV is quite different from other filmmakers, be it the subjects he chooses or the way he makes his films. The rare quality of the ability to make use of the situations and opportunities sets him apart.

When the remaining directors were restricted to their homes, RGV made a film on the pandemic and released it. The director even sang the “Endukante Adi Oka Purugu” in the film.

Taking the prevailing situations, RGV has announced the release of his next Deyyam, which is a horror film. The horror film will hit the theatres on the 16th of this month.

Deyyam, which was earlier titled Patta Pagalu will see Angry Young Man Dr. Rajasekhar as a hero after a long time. During the 90s and early 2000s, Dr. Rajasekhar established himself as one of the leading faces in the business.

Banking on the decision of Love Story makers to not release the movie on April 16 as per the earlier schedule, RGV wants to use the opportunity. With no competition from other movies, Deyyam is expected to gain some profits for producers given the fact that it was a low-budget movie.

Deyyam's trailer looks interesting and has an interesting cast of Rajasekhar, Swathi Deekshith, who entered the 4th season of Telugu Bigg Boss with a wild card entry. Rajasekhar and Swathi will be seen as father and daughter in Deyyam.
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