An Airasia Flight Passenger Creates A Scene Onboard By Stripping Naked Onboard!

In a disgusting event, a male passenger on AirAsia flight i5-722 created chaos by misbehaving with the crew members, reports claimed. The flight was traveling to the national capital Delhi from Bengaluru.

Media reports quoted the passengers on board as saying: "The chaos started with the rude passenger had a word of words with the cabin crew members about life jackets. Later he created a scene by stripping naked in the flight".

An  AirAsia India spokesperson reportedly confirmed the incident and said, an unruly passenger behaved rudely with the crew members on April 6 on the i5-722 flight, from Bengaluru to New Delhi.

The situation came under control after a crew member made the rude passenger get quiet. The co-passengers too helped the crew member in this regard. After landing in Delhi, the rude passenger was handed over to the cops.

Going by the complaint raised by the crew members and co-passengers, the Delhi Police registered a case against the unruly passenger. The investigation is underway and more details are awaited.
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