Brats entering online classes and causing disruption by uploading pornography content!

Given the pandemic situation, online classes became a new normal, and the teachers have been teaching their students through online classes so that the students will miss out on nothing in the syllabus.

However, a few incidents arouse creating issues for the online classes. In one such incident, a lady Principal who teaches English complained to the Cyber Crime Police over some people who are joining the online classes purposefully and sharing obscene data.

These thugs have been creating issues for the students by uploading obscene content in online classes. The Principal has reached out to the Cyber Cops and lodged a complaint in this regard.

A case has been registered by the cops and the investigation is underway. In the preliminary investigation, the Cyber cops said that the thugs might have got the E-mail ID and passwords of one of the students attending the online classes and they are uploading the vulgar content on online classes.
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