TRS MLA And His private security guards...

Mahabubabad MLA Banot Shankar Naik is creating quite a sensation these days. The MLA from the TRS, who is always in the news for some reason or the other is at it again. This time, his security guards are creating a sensation.

During the recent MLC election, the MLA was seen protected by special security guards. In addition to the regular security personnel provided by the State Government, Shankar Naik had special guards protecting him. They were reportedly brought from North India. They are Sikhs with special black uniform and pink turbans. They stood out even in a crowd. Since then, these security guards have been accompanying the MLA every time. Sources close to the MLA claim that the security guards were brought in in view of the security threat perception to the MLA. The sources said that there were attempts to attack the MLA in recent times.

However, the moot question is – if there is a threat perception, why did not the MLA inform the state police forces and seek additional protection? MLA's detractors within the TRS say that this was nothing but a ploy to garner some publicity and grab some media attention.
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