Samantha's View About Wage Gaps In The Film Industry!

Star actress Samantha is known for speaking her mind. She never fears to speak up and is quite vocal when it comes to women's rights and their empowerment. Recently, she opened up about the wage gaps in the film industry. As we know, men get paid far more than women in this industry and there is no denying that truth.

During an interview with Film Companion, Sam had some interesting things to say about this serious issue. 'Even if you are one of the top 3 heroines, your pay is much lesser compared to that of a hero who is not even in top 20. If a heroine asked for a pay hike, she is looked at as being problematic. But if a hero asks for a pay hike, he's seen as being cool,' expressed Samantha.

No just Samantha but a lot of actresses from across the nation have spoken up on this issue. This is a discussion that has been going on for years and no one knows when this scenario changes.
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