Person who was slapped by Balayya says he is feeling proud!

Actor-turned-politician, TDP Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna surprised everyone by slapping a person in Hindupur, where he was campaigning door to door for the upcoming Civic body polls.

The incident became the much-talked-about news and the visuals of Balayya slapping the person went viral on social media. The Netizens have also slammed the Nandamuri hero for his actions.

As a sudden twist in the tale, the person whom Balayya Babu slapped supported the hero in this regard. He said he is proud of his favourite hero Balakrishna touching him.

In the video he released on Social networking serving Facebook, the person introduced himself as Somu, hard core fan of Balayya Babu. He is campaigning for the party vigorously. Balayya Babu came to my brother's home Hundupur. Mistaking me as an outsider, be pushed me aside.

"We as Nandamuri Balakrishna(NBK) fans won't bother about such things. Opponents who are seeing this from a political angle are nothing but idiots. One more thing, Mr. Balayya Babu didn't even give a shake hand to anyone. But he touched me, and I am happy about this. He concluded the video by raising slogans Jai Balayya. Jai Telugu Desam," he said in the video.
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