Happening Heroine’s Demands Irking The Producers!

As we know, stardom brings a lot of things including high remuneration, image and a big set of demands. A newbie who made her debut with a super hit film in recent times bagged a lot of craze among the youth. People fell in love with her adorable looks and good performances in her debut film. She became a hot property in Tollywood with many producers approaching her for dates.

The beauty who took six lakhs for her first film has now hiked her remuneration and reportedly made it close to one crore. Apparently, a big producer came to her asked her to be a part of the movie and the young actress reportedly quoted one crore which surprised everyone. On top of that, she laid some demands about her food, dressing and staff in front of him which needed to be met.

Stunned by these demands, the producer came back quietly and this is making the other producers think twice before approaching her as per sources. While some producers give their nod to all her demands to utilize her craze, the others are a bit hesitant to take her in their movie. Experts are commenting that having such huge demands at an early stage in her career might do no good to her. Let us wait and see what happens.
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