KCR Begins Cleaning Up Of CMO

Chief Minister KTR, it appears, has begun the process of cleaning up the mess in Pragathi Bhavan. For long, there have been reports that some insiders were leaking information to the political rivals as also the Central Government. There was suspicion that some persons were passing on copies of top secret files to the Central Government.

KCR was said to have been shocked when the Central Government has countered him with the reports on the Kaleshwaram III rd TMC works. This report was a top secret report and there was no way the Centre could have got this report unless some insider betrayed the TRS government. Since then, the Chief Minister is said to have kept a close watch on the goings on in the CMO. Sources say that large scale abuse of power, financial scams and other irregularities have come to light. The recent axing of CM's PRO Gatika Vijayakumar is said to be a step in this effort of cleaning up of the mess.

Vijayakumar, an ordinary stringer, who rose up in KCR's confidence and became the PRO, is said to have amassed huge wealth and is accused of misusing KCR's name. He is said to be eyeing an MLA seat in 2023. But, KCR has removed him from service with immediate effect. Sources say that in the days to come, more people would be sent out of the CMO. It is being said that KCR has a list of such officials and personnel, who were using their position to further their self-interest.
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