Chinnamma Takes Rajinikanth's Route Quits From Politics

Close aide of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, VK Sasikala, who announced that she will venture into Tamil Nadu politics, left everyone in a state of shock with her decision.

Ahead of the Assembly Polls, Sasikala, popularly known as Chinnamma announced that she is quitting politics and she doesn't want to venture into politics. She urged the cadre of AIADMK to stay united.

The sudden development came as a big shock to people who are aware of Tamil Nadu politics. Chinnamma who was very close with Jayalalithaa was thrown out of AIADMK in 2017 along with her family members.

The political analysts are citing two reasons for her unprecedented move. One is she wants to stay out of the 2021 polls as the opinion polls predicted that voters are not in favor of AIADMK and BJP appliance. She is waiting for the polls to commence and then take control of the party after the party gets weaker.

The other reason is politics is a money game. One has to be ready to spend on politics for various reasons. Sasikala is currently financially weak with all her assets been seized by the court. So she cannot spend money in the polls which might have forced her to take a back seat.

The saffron party BJP used all the options to bring Chinnamma into AIADMK to make the alliance stronger. But the efforts of the BJP went in vain with the AIADMK leaders strongly opposing the move.

On Wednesday, Sasikala issued a statement stating that she is quitting politics. In the statement, Sasikala said she never went after power or post. I am thankful for the people of Tamil Nadu, Sasikala said.

'I never wanted a post or power. I am always thankful for the people of Tamil Nadu. I am staying away from politics and I pray to my sister (late CM Jayalalithaa) and god for establishing a good governance,' Sasikala said in the statement.

BJP wanted to bank on the power of Sasikala in the forthcoming polls as she hails from a politically strong community. But the AIADMK stood strong on its stand to oppose Sasikala. This indirectly helped Stalin's Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(DMK) by increasing its winning chances.

It has to be noted that Sasikala took oath at Jayalalithaa's memorial ghat en route to Bengaluru prison to serve the jail term. Even after returning from the prions, she said she would enter politics.
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